HBBTV Client Support

Added by Adam W almost 2 years ago

Just wondering, has anyone found any Smart TV IPTV client (for use with ?profile=pass playlist streams from TVH) that supports HBBTV? Or any client at all that does? TVHeadend has supported passthrough of the HBBTV PIDs for a while now.

On the HTSP side, obviously this is not something that Kodi supports, and due to lacking a web engine it's not even on the horizon. However, HBBTV seems to be getting better and better and more widely used, especially by TV channels in German speaking Europe, Spain, Italy, and even here in the UK.

I've been streaming some satellite channels from my TVH server via a HackRF as DVB-T to an LG Smart TV, as described as a workaround by saen acro in the original HBBTV support ticket -

An example I've seen of useful new HBBTV features by doing this is channels like TV3 in Catalonia that allow you to press the yellow button to restart the currently on-air programme via the internet (in HD when the satellite feed is only SD!)

I'd kind of discounted the feature up until now, but it's becoming more useful I think.

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RE: HBBTV Client Support - Added by saen acro almost 2 years ago

If use modulator DVB-T or DVB-C as you already read you can use it.
HBBTV is part of DVB standard and IPTV client's do not know what to do with service data with sending url.

Else see in service info HBBTV url

RE: HBBTV Client Support - Added by Markus Bonet 3 months ago

Quick feedback. Running on the current development branch and gave it another try with my Panasonic TV.
Hbbtv information is properly passed through and works fine on this TV. Initially I bought this TV set for its SatIp support, but day by day I'm using Kodi as the client.
Nice extra since my last try with SatIp: UHD channels work just fine now.