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Added by jean -francois chamignon over 7 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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Add feature hbbtv

Modify HTSP protocol to integrate hbbtv url
The goal is to use in xbmc to browse url


DasErste HD HBBTV PID 1170.png (44.4 KB) DasErste HD HBBTV PID 1170.png Adam W, 2017-05-13 12:40
DasErste HD PAT.png (85.9 KB) DasErste HD PAT.png Adam W, 2017-05-13 12:40
11494.ts (75.8 MB) 11494.ts Adam W, 2017-05-13 12:44
ARDStart HBB.png (87.5 KB) ARDStart HBB.png Adam W, 2017-05-13 12:46



Updated by Adam Sutton about 7 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Rejected

No idea what this is or what it has to do with HTSP or Tvheadend in general?



Updated by Hanspeter Müller about 7 years ago

HbbTV is the successor to TeleText:

It sends some information (some ID's and i think the URL) over DVB and fetches the information for i.e. overlay-tickers via http. On the CCC congress in germany they demonstrated, how it can be intercepted and fake information presented...

tvheadend would have to send the basic information over htsp so xbmc could show the tickers...


Updated by Krzysztof K. about 7 years ago

Adam, if you don't know what it is why do you reject the request? Hbbtv is a technology that delivers some internet originating content during tv show. In Poland it's used by national tv in dvb-t broadcast. The content location is probably encoded in dvb-t stream.


Updated by Juanma Vioque about 7 years ago

In Spain, we have a few DVB-T stations using this new standard. I am gessing if such a feature should be managed by the clients (i.e. XBMC) and not in the server (Tvheadend). The data is in the stream sent to the clients and may be they shold be in charge of parsing and displaying that info.


Updated by Adam Sutton about 7 years ago

  • Status changed from Rejected to New

If people put random stuff in with little information about what it is or even links to definitions then I will reject it. Given that a) I'm unlikely to do anything about it and b) without knowing if it even has merit it just takes up space. I don't have time to dig around figuring out what "add BLAH" even means.

That being said, you've now provided a bit more info and I can see the relevance so I will re-open. Though I agree with Juanma, most of this may have little to do with TVH other than passing the stream through, but at this stage not sure.



Updated by Hanspeter Müller almost 7 years ago

Here's a plugin that can use hbbtv-pages with firefox:

They already have some limited support for DVB, maybe they would add support for tvheadend if tvheadend would somehow offer the ID's/URLs from the DVB stream via HTS or the webui...


Updated by Krzysztof K. almost 7 years ago

I can provide dvb stream dump with the hbbtv data if needed.


Updated by Adam W over 3 years ago

I've done some investigation of this.

The HBB TV data is simply data PIDs linked to the channel in question. It's a table called AIT, and the data is a format called DSM-CC.

I don't think TVHeadend would have to do anything other than not filter out the AIT data PIDs (it does currently, even in a raw stream of a channel without "/play" in the URL).

Then the data would be available for processing by some kind of plug-in on the client side (Kodi via HTSP, etc.) I guess this is how teletext works currently?

For an example, I've attached a full mux TS dump of 11494H from Astra 1 19.2°E. This carries German ARD channels, and they all have PIDs carrying the HBBTV data. For example, Das Erste HD has HBBTV data on PID 1170, and then some more on PID 2171 (not sure what this latter one is for).

Looking at the data in PID 1170, it's carrying the URLs for the HBBTV service, for the HBBTV plugin on the receiver to receive the content from. PID2171 may be some of the data for offline viewing (I don't know).

I found a plugin for Firefox called FireHbbTV - with this installed, if you visit one of the URLs shown in the PID 1170 stream -

You see the data that gets fetched, as if it were on a TV or receiver that supports HBBTV.

On the face of it, all I think TVHeadend needs to do is pass through any data PIDs marked as carrying HBBTV data!


Updated by Jaroslav Kysela over 3 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Fixed
  • Target version set to 4.4

Implemented in v4.3-124-gc3579cb.


Updated by Andrei B almost 2 years ago

Jaroslav Kysela wrote:

Implemented in v4.3-124-gc3579cb.

Any documentation on this?


Updated by Jaroslav Kysela almost 2 years ago

Andrei B wrote:

Jaroslav Kysela wrote:

Implemented in v4.3-124-gc3579cb.

Any documentation on this?

Hbbtv data are passed to clients, so refer the client, if it supports Hbbtv. You can find list of URLs in the service info dialog (i icon in the service grid) in tvh webui.


Updated by saen acro almost 2 years ago

Send PASS stream to Smart TV it should see it if not filtered as EPG ;)


Updated by Andrei B almost 2 years ago

Can I make use of it in Kodi, as requested by OP?


Updated by M. Bergmann almost 2 years ago

Andrei B wrote:

Can I make use of it in Kodi, as requested by OP?

No, because neither Kodi nor the pvr-addon support it and there aren't any plans to do so.


Updated by saen acro almost 2 years ago

If you have dvb-c/t modulator you can use it
something as this

Also available in: Atom PDF