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Added by Ben Crundwell over 5 years ago

I've searched through and can't appear to find any information, but apologise if the question has already been asked:

I am transferring over from a Windows based Argus setup to a new Ubuntu TvHeadend server. I have a working setup with a Schedules Direct XML EPG and am starting to transfer over my Series Recordings.

On the old Argus setup, it was possible to filter by Season/Episode number by adding the SxxExx data to the front of an episode's subtitle and then add "NOT S01 AND NOT S02" etc into the recording schedule. This is really useful if you only want to record the latest Season of say Family Guy, without filling up your DVR with 14 seasons of random episodes.

However with TvHeadend I cant find an easy way of adding the same functionality. What would be fantastic would be a RegEx filter in the AutoRec settings for Episode. Or failing that, one on the SubTitle so I can pre-process the XMLTV file to add SxxExx to that.

I read that over time the database figures out what its already recorded and ignores it in future. Is it possible to add episodes to this list manually?

Can anyone offer some assistance in how to setup an AutoRec to only record a specific Season of something?

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RE: AutoRec a specific Season - Added by Ben Crundwell over 2 years ago

You’re not doing anything wrong, The search can’t match both Title and Description fields at the same time. Therefore I had to insert the Episode name and number into the begining of the description by editing my grabber script. Read page one of the comments on this thread for more details

RE: AutoRec a specific Season - Added by ma der over 2 years ago

I've found something but I think this should be taken as a bug and fixed or put any straight manual how to make it working (dvb-t source). It's a lot confusing now: what to change, where to change etc.

Cannot imagine this state with regex is useful. For me almost useless now. I'd like to ask about that.