3.4 release


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Tvheadend v3.4

This includes some exciting new features, improved integration with XBMC and lots of fixes and improvements.



For the full changelog you can consult github, but beware this is pretty big!

DVB Improvements

  • DVB Adapter raw mux receive mode. This allows all table filtering to be done in software within TVH. (Note: some cards may not support this, if you see previously working adapters no longer receiving data, try disabling this).
  • DVB tuning/input processing improved to remove stale data.
  • Attempt to remove duplicate muxes (usually caused by differences in NIT data)
  • Various improvements have been made to the service scanning (if you see problems with missing services, please let us know)
  • DVB-T auto mux detection.
  • Updated DiseqC code to better support multi-level switches. This may require some updates to existing configuration. Please ask in #hts if you have any issues.

EPG Improvements

  • Better charset processing
  • Including fixes for some common problem languages (Polish)
  • Viasat Baltic EPG handler

DVR Improvements

  • Ensure that scheduled recordings cannot be silently removed from the schedule.
  • Don't remove recordings because the channel is removed
  • Ensure autorec updates retain all fields properly.

HTSP / XBMC Improvements

  • Recorded files can now be served via HTSP, this allows clients to work with in-progress recordings and still be able to skip around.
  • Clients can now request normalised timestamps (will also ensure stream begins on I-frame)
  • Clients can now request 90khz timestamps

UI Improvements

  • A New status page has been added, this shows the current subscriptions and tuning state of adapters
  • Configuration tabs have been re-arranged to keep like pages together.
  • A raw MUX stream can be received via HTTP from the Mux configuration page (requires adapter in full mux mode).


  • Image caching - TVH can now be configured to cache channel logos and also to use local files (i.e. file://).


This is possibly the most requested feature and finally we have something! The code is still maturing and there have been quite a few integration issues with clients (primarily XBMC) so we hope things will improve with time.

However we have lots of users that have been using the timeshift feature for some time and so we have a reasonable idea of what does/doesn't work.

  • Pause/Resume should work just fine.
  • Skipping is reasonably stable, but there are still some issues to be worked out. In addition to this you will need a build of XBMC from master, the Frodo releases are currently missing a few critical commits. You also need a matching pvr.hts.
  • FF/RW is mostly untested. Within XBMC this is known not to work, but we're not sure whether the failure is with the way Tvheadend outputs the data or the way XBMC processes what its given.


This is a patch release that includes several important fixes:

  • Lots of memleak's fixed by user Benny Morgan
  • XMLTV series/episode number parsing bug fixed
  • DVB service discovery bugs fixed

Known Issues

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