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Tvheadend v2.11

  • Add support for filtering autorecordings based on weekdays.
  • Add circular 10.75 GHz LNB
  • Add a new DVB adapter option that allows the entire DVB Mux to be
    written to disk as Tvheadend tunes to it. This should aid a lot when
    it comes to debugging
  • Inject entries in DVR schedule as soon as we know about an EPG
    entry that matches an autorecording rule. Previously Tvheadend
    would scan the EPG continously and just grab shows as they neared
    air time. The drawbacks of this approach was that it's a bit hard
    to understand what is happening. It also makes (more) correct
    wakeup from suspend hard to do.
  • Add parsing of episode information from XMLTV and display it in the
    WebUI EPG
  • A bug caused the 'Automatic Recorder' tab grid not to reload
    entries upon external change (Such as when a channel got deleted
    or when a new auto recording was created from the EPG view). This
    is now fixed.
  • Add support for storing recorded events in a directory named after
    the event. Ticket #150
  • Add support for appending season and episode numbers to filenames
    during recording.
  • Prior to this release the color (i.e. connection status) of the
    CWC entries were not correctly updated when a connection was established
    or lost. This is now fixed. Ticket #144
  • Add support for prioritized recordings. The user can chose among five
    different priorities.
  • Fix various issues realted to the Recording Schedule user interface.
    The UI now includes better visual feedback on what's going on and if
    there are errors. Also recordings that do not complete successfully
    are correctly reported as failed entries. Ticket #131
  • Add support for Irdeto and Seca EMM
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