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Tvheadend v2.8

  • Added support for AAC audio
  • Added support for manual creation of DVR entries. Prior to this it
    was only possible to schedule a recording based on EPG entries.
  • It's now possible to enable/disable the signal quality monitor per
    adapter. This is now default off as it seem to mostly cause problems
    for people and it's only useful if you have complex setups with
    multiple adapters, etc.
  • Improve logging when subscriptions fail to start
  • More intelligent arbitration amongst all sources when a subscription
    is about to start for a channel. If we cannot descramble or if no
    input is detected, skip to next source.
    Fixes ticket #89
  • Add option for editing channel icon URL in the channel config tab.
  • Fix support for Irdeto ECM
  • Automatically detect if a connected USB DVB adapter is only Full speed
    (ie 12Mbit/s), and if so, limit so Tvheadend only can stream one service
    at the time from the tuned frequency.
  • Add support for extracting provider in the PMT for SECA/Mediaguard
  • Add support for NIT-other tables.
    In particular useful for Ziggo DVB-C networks in the Netherlands.
  • Fix various bugs related to RTP encapsulated IPTV
  • Tvheadend now support placement of configurations and settings at any path.
    Use the '-c' command line option for this. By default Tvheadend puts
    configuration at $HOME/.hts/tvheadend
  • Make it possible to enable debug level log in the web interface.
    Press the small top-right gear icon in the log console to enable/disable
    debug log.
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