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Tvheadend v2.3

This release will focus on these things:

  • Improve DVB configuration.
  • Various web user interface fixes, cleanups, etc.


  • A simple web interface has been added. To access it, visit


    This web interface is designed to be really tiny with only
    a simple search field and options to record found shows.
    Preferably used from handheld devices.
  • All sensitive information (passwords, etc) are hidden from display
    in the web ui. The text will still be displayed in cleartext when
  • Redesigned the DVB configuration tab in the web userinterface:
    - Each adapter have three (or four) tabs
    o General setup and information
    o Grid of multiplexes
    o Grid of services
    o For sattelite adapters, a sattelite configuration tab.
  • Add support for disabling / enabling an entire DVB multiplex
  • Add support for multiple DiSEqC switchports on a single adapter
  • Add support for different sattelite LNBs
  • Graceful handling of DVB adapters that does not support many
    table filters in hardware. Tvheadend will rotate among the available
  • Add support for enabling / disabling transports from the DVB configuration
  • Make it possible to remove DVB multiplexes from the web ui
  • Add 'Revert changes' button to all editable grids in the web ui
  • Make it possible to disable the idle scan on per-DVB adapter basis.
    The idle scan is a process to cycles through all multiplex to check
    the quality for each mux continously.
  • Hopefully fix some rounding errors in the EPG display. Ticket #69
  • Remove configuration and settings (/home/hts/.hts/tvheadend) on a
    deb package purge operation. Ticket #73
  • If the Program Stream Information changes during a subscription,
    react and send a subscriptionStop + subscriptionStart.
    This happens on SVT (in sweden) when the transmission switches
    from local to nationwide broadcast (AC3 audio is only present
    in nationwide broadcast)
    Ticket #78
  • Channel editor has been reworked a bit. It uses an editorGrid, similar
    to how other grids work in Tvheadend. Tags are mapped inline using
    a list-of-values combobox (
  • Added a search IMDB direct link in the EPG window popup.
    Ticket #79
  • Add support for configuring DVB multiplexes by entering
    all tuning parameters manually
    Ticket #37
  • Fix a bug causing channel <> tags mapping not to be restored on load.
  • Add exponential backoff for reconnect attempt in code word client.
    Ticket #80
  • Try to detect duplicate EPG entries from the DVB feed and adjust
    EPG accordingly. The EPG code will search for events with the same
    DVB event ID +- 2 events from the current one. If the event id is
    equal, the prvious (old) entry will be removed in favor of the new one.
    Reason for not blindingly trusting the event id is that some networks
    seem to (incorrectly) reuse IDs.
    Ticket #65
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