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19:13 Tvheadend General: RE: Predefined muxes
How can I scan INI files? on Tvheadend
16:31 Tvheadend General: Predefined muxes
Many predefined muxes tvheadend are not correct Eg Hotbird 13.0E NC +, Cyfrowy Polsat, Orange Polska, Telewizja na ka...


00:00 Tvheadend Bug #5141: Connection lost
About every 5 minute page was not found
The connection to the server failed.


15:41 Tvheadend Bug #5141 (New): Connection lost
Since update on HTS Tvheadend 4.3-1288 ~ g66d6161 is constantly losing connection


18:06 Tvheadend Bug #4931: Ziggo: No epg data at all with latest master head
same problem no epg 4.3-1051 ~ gade772d


23:43 Tvheadend Bug #4059: Autobuild from git failes on my raspberry pi
Next error
[email protected]:/usr/src# cd tvheadend
[email protected]:/usr/src/tvheadend# AUTOBUILD_CONFIGURE_EXTRA=--disable-lib...


00:05 Tvheadend Bug #4059: Autobuild from git failes on my raspberry pi
When compiling Tvheadend on OSMC rpi3 the following error
*how can I fix this*
Scanning dependencies of target ...


09:49 Tvheadend Bug #4188: Picon
saen acro wrote:
> If you are on same localhost there is no problem not to use cache /authentication also/
But it...


15:25 Tvheadend Bug #4188 (Rejected): Picon
Tvheadend HTSP Client does not show channels picon
*In the Kodi log*
1:17:20 8490.199219 T:1742500848 ERROR: ...


23:44 Tvheadend Bug #4140 (Fixed): Can not login after compile
I have a problem after compiling tvheadend 4.1-2383 ~ gdf9bd3e I can not login
I have not given a password and defau...

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