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13:05 Tvheadend Feature #4567 (New): user icon file not present
It would be great if tvheadend could detect when a user icon file is not found. Perhaps font in red


22:28 Tvheadend Feature #3360: Support for extended CW API
I think I have the same problem
2017-06-08 22:20:33.534 capmt: OSCam: Starting CAPMT server for service "RTL HD" o...


14:26 Tvheadend Feature #4375 (Rejected): user-specific channel lists
is it possible to create user-specific channel lists, or hide individual channels for user


09:01 Tvheadend Feature #3838: IPTV HLS HTTP automatic reconnect
timeout is not an reconnect. the webtv channel: disco...
08:13 Tvheadend Feature #3838 (Accepted): IPTV HLS HTTP automatic reconnect
it would be perfect if would be a reconnect with WEBTV / IPTV soon tvheadend noted that there is no pending signal. T...


15:44 Tvheadend General: RE: Anyone using DD Octopus NET S2 V2 behind tvheadend?
I have the same problem with an OctopusNET C2/4. Which Parameters are correct for the Advanced Settings of t...

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