james ba




08:52 Tvheadend General: Tvheadend transcoding profile
Hi, is there a way to set certain channels to use a streaming profile?
james ba


23:14 Tvheadend Bug #4533 (New): Error on Encrypted channels
If i try to watch an encrypted channel on asiasat 5 the Input/output hardly gives a reading and the error count conti... james ba


18:07 Tvheadend Descrambling: RE: Asiasat 5 Biss keys
Not sure if im getting anywhere but have this from the log
2017-08-12 01:36:15.044 descrambler: Obtained DES keys...
james ba
17:32 Tvheadend Descrambling: RE: Asiasat 5 Biss keys
Have attached some pictures of it
wont lie i have no idea...
james ba
05:12 Tvheadend Descrambling: Asiasat 5 Biss keys
Hi im trying to unlock some channels with Biss key,
These are feeds so their missing on sites like lyngsat, ect ...
james ba


01:17 Tvheadend Descrambling: RE: Biss at 27.5W
Is the encryption part still a issue?, Trying to use biss key for 100.5E but having trouble getting it to work james ba


16:27 Tvheadend Tutorial and setups: RE: HowTO: TVHeadend with PowerVU
A year on is this still the best method to have powervu working within tvheadend? james ba


21:13 Tvheadend General: different transcoding profiles
Hi is it possible to have different transcoding profiles for different channels or tuners? if so how? thanks james ba


17:44 Tvheadend General: tbs 5980
on my synology the dvb-s2 tuner works fine in dvblink but i would like to use tvheadend, is there anyway to load th... james ba


14:33 Tvheadend General: tbs 5980 tvheadend
Hi just wondering if anyone has got the tbs 5980 ci dvb s to work on a synology using tvheadend? it works perfect u... james ba

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