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10:59 Tvheadend Tutorial and setups: RE: TVheadend as LXC or LXD Container
Hi Lin,
I do not use Oscam. Do you think it might come from it? Continuity errors are related to the mpeg stream.....
H Hafner


20:43 Tvheadend Tutorial and setups: TVheadend as LXC or LXD Container
Hi guys,
just setting up my TV-Fileserver-KNXHomeAutomation-AppX-AppY...AppZ-Server completely new on Ubuntu 16.04...
H Hafner


14:48 Tvheadend General: Ready-to-use-Hardware with Image
Hi there,
for friends, which want to have also TVheadend, I am looking for a small device which has already DVB-Tu...
H Hafner
14:47 Tvheadend General: RE: Recommend Hardware
Well I had some concepts build up for hardware as well, not very up-to-date and in german:
H Hafner


15:26 Tvheadend General: configure DVB-T channels
Hi folks,
I run TVheadend only since a few weeks and added recently to my dual DVB-S2 a DVB-T receiver.
The recei...
H Hafner


18:33 Tvheadend General: Cannot start autoscan
Hi folks,
I am newbie to TVheadend (but used to Linux DVB in the past, mainly VDR).
I run Ubuntu 15.10 on a Bio...
H Hafner

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