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17:08 Tvheadend General: RE: restream channels feed
Not possible, tvheadend is not a DRM platform. Nina Kampusch


00:09 Tvheadend Feature #6085: cas and drm
This is the Issuetracker, not the Forum. But if you want to sell "subscription" access, just go away! Nina Kampusch


14:40 Tvheadend Feature #4222: Thumbnail support
CLOSEME! This has been implemented in Kodi Lea + tvheadend 4.3.x Nina Kampusch


13:20 Tvheadend Bug #5250: IPTV freeze after tens of seconds
Igal Three wrote:
> pipe:///usr/bin/ffmpeg [email protected]*-loglevel fatal*@+_
> It works only few tens of seconds, than ...
Nina Kampusch


18:21 Tvheadend Feature #5179: [CAS/NEWCAMD] Make new connection for each input
Might be good if you tell them WHY you want/need this... Nina Kampusch


19:54 Tvheadend Feature #5139: iptv plugin
Not what tvheadend does.
If there is a way to get the video (with something like streamlink), you can use the pipe...
Nina Kampusch


10:29 Tvheadend Feature #4460: Schedules Direct JSON / direct support
+1 for this, xmltv sadly is starting to show its age (almost unmaintained, a lot of grabbers are broken because the s... Nina Kampusch


16:34 Tvheadend Feature #4222: Thumbnail support
Yeahyeah, i'm aware that you can do this with ffmpeg, that's what i meant with "could also be done with a post-proces... Nina Kampusch


14:08 Tvheadend Feature #4223 (New): protocol handlers
protocol handlers would be nice to make different pipe scripts/commands a bit more managable. ie, add a new tab where... Nina Kampusch
13:53 Tvheadend Feature #4222 (Fixed): Thumbnail support
Some Kodi skins support PVR Thumbnails. I guess this would be three different features:
- support Thumbnails via H...
Nina Kampusch

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