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16:10 Tvheadend Bug #5422: CC errors even when channel is seen correctly
And if you disable all rewrite?
13:41 Tvheadend Bug #5422: CC errors even when channel is seen correctly
Looks like the cc errors are in the PMT itself and not in the video/audio streams, so probably that is why it is not ...
13:20 Tvheadend Feature #5421: Add option to only activate internal epg grabber manually
What internal grabber are you running?
Why not just disable it completely if you don't want it to run? Then enabled...


20:34 Tvheadend Bug #5418: ts error: libdvbpsi error (misc PSI): Bad CRC_32 table 0x4e !!! (0x50)
I saw this awhile ago (last month???) - disabling "Rewrite EIT" fixed it. Since I do not use the EIT from the stream,...
10:50 Tvheadend Bug #5414: DVBSky T9580 no longer working after update to Ubuntu 18.04
07:49 Tvheadend General: RE: OSCAM problem Channels are not getting bright
What version of tvheadend? Same version on both?
What does oscam log show?...


13:45 Tvheadend Bug #5402: show duplicates "button" vs "alternative showings"
I would think that "Show duplicates" and "Alternative showings" are two different things, where:
"Show duplicates"...


23:37 Tvheadend General: RE: Duplicate Autorec's don't show up as reruns in Upcoming Recordings
Em Smith wrote:
> How do you get your tv guide? (SchedulesDirect?) Is the programme one with episode numbers or a ge...
22:55 Tvheadend Bug #5410: Crash in src/descrambler/descrambler.c:1285
I do not think it affects any platforms for which tvheadend is built.
15:59 Tvheadend Revision f7d4b7c4 (tvheadend): Don't warn on packets with small/no payload.

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