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17:17 Tvheadend Bug #6213 (Invalid): chanel without broadcasting are not able to map
it is not possible to map service which are not broadcasting.
There are some channels which are only broadcasting a ...
Robert Trapp


15:48 Tvheadend General: TVClient with Apple iOS player and streamprofiles
Hi Guys,
I'm trying to use the iOS internal player with the TVHClient but without any success.
Also a search by g...
Robert Trapp


00:43 Tvheadend General: how to uninstall and install tvheadend
Hi together,
i have done a big mistake.
I tried to update to the 4.3 unstable from my 4.2.8 version.
But there e...
Robert Trapp


19:55 Tvheadend General: RE: Episode numbers in file name (German TV shows)
I will wait for the next recoding.
Should have a look into the recording before opening any issue ticket.
Tanks f...
Robert Trapp
18:19 Tvheadend General: RE: Episode numbers in file name (German TV shows)
Hello Anders,
thanks for you help.
Just installed it like you wrote, I also found an other guide.
Now it look ...
Robert Trapp


19:10 Tvheadend General: RE: Episode numbers in file name (German TV shows)
hi Rob,
thanks for you answer.
You are right, the episode column isn't showing anything.
Is there anywhere a g...
Robert Trapp


15:10 Tvheadend General: Episode numbers in file name (German TV shows)
Hi Guys,
I'm recording a lot of tv shows.
In the recording profile I activated "add episodes to file name", but i...
Robert Trapp


09:41 Tvheadend General: RE: Repo Down
Thx for the information.
That is funny.
Is the quote a traffic limitation or a count how often the repo list is d...
Robert Trapp
09:23 Tvheadend General: Repo Down
Hi Guys,
last weekend i installed 4.2 form the repo on my omv3 (debian)
Now i run into an error:
Err https:...
Robert Trapp


18:15 Tvheadend General: RE: Recommend Hardware
Got the elgato eyetv hybrid running on openmediavault 2.X with 3.16 kernel.
Need some hand work for the drivers whic...
Robert Trapp

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