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19:58 Tvheadend Bug #4782 (Invalid): reduced image
I scan all my muxes again with latest tvh and kodi. My sats are DN 110w and 119w North America. All my sd channels ar...


06:34 Tvheadend Bug #4776 (Invalid): image wont open completly
My sats are in USA, most of the channels wont open the image completly have a black space between image and monitor i...


21:05 Tvheadend Feature #4762: Presets for scanning muxes on ASTRA 19.2E are wrong
My sat are outdated i just edit the file with the correct muxes, restart tvh and wuuala everything is perfect now.


02:53 Tvheadend Tutorial and setups: RE: Tutorials for US users
Well the only way you can capture dvbs signals in USA is with genpix sky walker. Is the only dvbs card 8psk turbo for...


17:57 Tvheadend Bug #4426: Dont work second sat
Like a said before with my setup box works perfect. In tvh found that issue. Actualy i used an old backup of tvh and ...
10:01 Tvheadend Bug #4426 (Invalid): Dont work second sat
I am trying to used 2 sat with a disecq but just works one sat with tvh and works perfect with my setup box. Some cha...


00:58 Tvheadend Bug #4408: tvh crash
now work perfect


18:27 Tvheadend Bug #4408: tvh crash
Now this is my log trying to map a channel i know is working.
07:27 Tvheadend Bug #4408: tvh crash
this is a simple video of my problem
sorry about the poor quality


21:31 Tvheadend Bug #4408: tvh crash
give me the back trace command.

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