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09:18 Tvheadend XMLTV: RE: xmltv - zap2it - issue
sudo su hts
touch /home/hts/.xmltv/xmltv.xml
Then if you still get the error try changing the permissions on /hom...


21:04 Tvheadend Kodi (XBMC) as frontend: RE: LibreElec (with Kodi) + Tvheadend and no EPG
Niklas Nyberg wrote:
> Running LibreELEC 8.2.5
That is your first problem. LibreELEC tries so hard to keep users...


19:16 Tvheadend Tutorial and setups: RE: Anyone in here any good with TVHeadend?
I have always used a technique similar to that shown in this article: https://freetoairamerica.wordpress.com/2014/12...


09:53 Tvheadend XMLTV: RE: tv_grab_file - where to put .xml file
Another issue is that tv_grab_file is a bash script. If the bash shell isn't present, you need an alternative versio...


18:53 Tvheadend XMLTV: RE: Internal epg grabber running every minute
There is no reason whatsoever to run the internal grabber more than once a day, shortly after your wget is completed....


00:46 Tvheadend Kodi (XBMC) as frontend: RE: TVHeadEnd Install Fail - Kodi Front End via VMWare Player and LibreElec
IMHO the thing you are doing wrong is using LibreElec. You'd be better off in the long run to install Kodi and Tvhea...


00:03 Tvheadend Tutorial and setups: RE: How to install TvHeadend on Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS
Wesley Rodrigues wrote:
If it's just installing that is the issue, all the information you need is at https://tvhe...


07:20 Tvheadend XMLTV: RE: XMLTV via url?
Robert Cameron wrote:
> # Using @[email protected]:
> [...]
> # Using @[email protected] (from the @[email protected] project):
> [...]


23:30 Tvheadend XMLTV: RE: XMLTV via url?
saen acro wrote:
> Xmltv require 200+ mb of space!
> There is a people using TP-Link router to receive operator...
23:16 Tvheadend XMLTV: RE: XMLTV via url?
Jimmy Lindberg wrote:
> I got it to work with Roberts modified tv_grab_file. Thanks
> K shea felt a little to ...

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