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02:10 Tvheadend Feature #3831: VAAPI Encoding via FFmpeg.
+1 need vaapi support Hyponic Hyponic


14:23 Tvheadend Bug #3655: iptv provider telx subs oos on other than profile=pass
here is a sample ts:
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21:40 Tvheadend Feature #3106 (Fixed): IPTV: Support for streams with .m3u8 file extention
Can you please add support for streams with .m3u8 extentions? Hyponic Hyponic


11:00 Tvheadend Bug #2645 (Fixed): AAC Audio parser - ADTS data for SCT_AAC stream type
when i add a stream from one tvh to another htsp is not able to parse the audio. Only video comes through. playing th... Hyponic Hyponic


00:20 Tvheadend Bug #2201: probably MPEG Parser issue
as requested by mpmc on the channel a wget from the service in hts.
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00:07 Tvheadend Bug #2201: probably MPEG Parser issue
Forgot to mention that those streams have timeshift. so in the original stb i am able to rewind. i don't know how imp... Hyponic Hyponic
23:55 Tvheadend Bug #2201 (New): probably MPEG Parser issue
The streams from my iptv provider works fine for about 15 seconds.. almost exactly 15 seconds than they start getting... Hyponic Hyponic

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