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13:53 Tvheadend Bug #6045 (Invalid): DVB-T2 seems to not work properly
I have a DVB-T network created and DVB-T(2) tunner connected to it. The tuner is CXD2854 DVB-C/C2 DVB-T/T2 ISDB-T.
Rafal Kupiec


12:31 Tvheadend Feature #5498 (Rejected): Duplicated logs
Tvheadend supports logging to file as well as sending all messages to syslog. I have configured it to save all logs t... Rafal Kupiec
12:28 Tvheadend Bug #5449: CAPMT descrambler does not work with frontend1
Im not sure if this is related or not, but I also got problems with frontend1. It is unable to play one channel. In l... Rafal Kupiec


11:07 Tvheadend Feature #2411: Scrambled channel information streamed
Any chance to get this implemented soon? Rafal Kupiec


07:36 Tvheadend Feature #4492 (New): Many audio tracks as different channels
On HotBird 13E, on tp. 15 (11,488 GHz, pol. H, SR: 27500, FEC: 3/4; DVB-S2/8PSK) there is the following radio channel... Rafal Kupiec


08:05 Tvheadend Feature #2616: show oscam reader status
Which skin? Where to get it? Rafal Kupiec
07:59 Tvheadend Feature #4451: Configuration support for readonly filesystems
No need to do that as you can change config directory.
+1 for backup (export & import configuration).
There is al...
Rafal Kupiec


18:21 Tvheadend Bug #4402: Not all CAIDs used
Its still not working after updating to gd64bc8c. Rafal Kupiec
18:02 Tvheadend Bug #4402: Not all CAIDs used
Rolled back to c8e1e63dec601756b6338a78359361c421838e3a.
Everything working fine. For sure one of last changes cause...
Rafal Kupiec
17:25 Tvheadend Bug #4402: Not all CAIDs used
OSCam net protocol (rev >= 10389) is configured.
In scam logs I can find only the following:
2017/05/29 17:16:36 ...
Rafal Kupiec

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