Iwan Bedford




20:05 Tvheadend Bug #1652 (New): Descriptions not appearing some scheduled recordings
I am finding that around 40-50% of my recordings (scheduled or completed) do not contain any description. I can searc... Iwan Bedford


17:48 Tvheadend Bug #1331 (Invalid): EPG does not populate (EIT & openTV Sky)
Noticed that my EPG was not updating and was only showing listings until early Thursday morning suggesting it broke w... Iwan Bedford


15:46 Tvheadend Feature #1323 (New): Option to series match (series link) based on description
It would be nice to be able to series link on matching titles and use description matching to remove duplicates. Open... Iwan Bedford
15:04 Tvheadend Bug #1322 (Invalid): Occasions where there is no description contain under schedules/recorded programmes
I am finding that there are occasions where there no description saved for schedules recordings (as well as recorded)... Iwan Bedford
14:59 Tvheadend Bug #1318: Series Link recording filter no longer working
As the series link field is so unreliable (or has no definite pattern for all programmes), is it possible to switch b... Iwan Bedford


12:40 Tvheadend Bug #1318 (Fixed): Series Link recording filter no longer working
When scheduling a Series Link recording it no longer seems to filter out repeated recordings of the same episode.
Iwan Bedford


11:32 Tvheadend Descrambling: RE: CWC delays with remote server
I'm usually a great fan of simple answers. It was a long shot anyway... Iwan Bedford


11:11 Tvheadend Descrambling: CWC delays with remote server
I use Tvheadend with Oscam providing the CWC. I use a remote cccam connection which Oscam is acting as a proxy for. A... Iwan Bedford


21:43 Tvheadend General: RE: Ubuntu 11.10 CWC issues
Looks like it was an issue with the Omnikey drivers or pcscd or newcs. I decided to eliminate the card reader as an i... Iwan Bedford


23:06 Tvheadend General: Ubuntu 11.10 CWC issues
I've been running tvheadend on my Ubuntu Server 10.04 for around 18 months using newcs locally to read my sate...
Iwan Bedford

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