Paul Farquhar




17:36 Tvheadend General: Upgraded from 3.9 to 4.2
Just to let you know I successfully upgraded from 3.9 to 4.2.
Simply installed on top of the existing installation.
Paul Farquhar


16:08 Tvheadend Bug #1734: Write error -- Broken pipe
Many thanks for taking the time to reply!
I am unsure if I should update to 4.1 as not an official release.
I als...
Paul Farquhar


13:24 Tvheadend Bug #1734: Write error -- Broken pipe
I have similar issues, all around deleting recordings. I can replicate various behaviours, e.g.
On all: windows KO...
Paul Farquhar


19:58 Tvheadend General: RE: Stream Profile in Recording Settings
Did you ever find out what the difference is? Paul Farquhar


03:55 Tvheadend Kodi (XBMC) as frontend: Urgently need help debugging server playback problems
After my difficulties with the older tvheadend server I decided to upgrade to the latest version.
I am now running H...
Paul Farquhar
03:49 Tvheadend General: RE: Upgrade from to V 3.4.27 to version ??
Thanks four you help - I did upgrade to the latest version, but the problems persist.
I'll write a new post, again...
Paul Farquhar


00:02 Tvheadend Kodi (XBMC) as frontend: Suddenly problems with xbmc / kodi / vlc and tvheadend
I suddenly have +massive+ connection errors on the clients. Generally tvheadend is very slow, also in the web interfa... Paul Farquhar
20:55 Tvheadend General: Upgrade from to V 3.4.27 to version ??
Hi folks,
I need our advice, I am having issues with 3.4.27 and thinking about going to the latest best version.
Paul Farquhar


19:32 Tvheadend General: RE: Recommend Hardware
I have a Digital Devices Cine S2 with a DuoFlex S2 running successfully.
I followed the driver build instructions on...
Paul Farquhar


20:25 Tvheadend General: why can't I rewind a timeshift?
I am using OpenElec on a NUC and tvh 3.4.37 on an Ubuntu server.
When timeshifting, why can't I rewind back over w...
Paul Farquhar

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