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14:07 Tvheadend General: RE: DBS Bandstacked - support: Is it possible to adapt this to Unicable(EN50494)?
I'm really sorry but I'm not familiar with Unicable and how it relates to DBS Bandstacking. For North Ame...
John Klimek


16:36 Tvheadend Feature #1167 (Fixed): Please add support for original air date (i.e. new episodes versus repeats/reruns, etc)
Schedules Direct (tv_grab_na_dd) contains XML tags containing the original air date of an episode indicating if this ... John Klimek
13:35 Tvheadend General: RE: Does Tvheadend support recording of new episodes/airings only?
Sorry about the double-post but I wasn't sure if you checked the xbmc forum that often.
I've posted a response and...
John Klimek


18:45 Tvheadend General: Does Tvheadend support recording of new episodes/airings only?
When scheduling a recording in Tvheadend, can you configure it to only record new episodes (or new airings)?
For e...
John Klimek


15:34 Tvheadend General: RE: Timeshift/Live Buffer
What about recording to the MPEG-4 (container) instead of MKV or TS?
(I'm not sure if the MPEG-4 structure support...
John Klimek
14:10 Tvheadend Bug #1081: Missing tabs in Internet Explorer 9
I'm having the same problem...
IE 9, Tvheadend v3.1.590.g4493e. I've also tried compatibility mode but those tabs...
John Klimek


15:47 Tvheadend General: Does TVHeadend support band stacked dishes? (...and why blank service names?)
I'm trying to setup TVHeadend and I have a few questions/problems...
1) I've configured the CWC/CSA (newcamd) clie...
John Klimek

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