J. Dierkse




13:18 Tvheadend Revision fc57f52a (tvheadend): Update timeshift_filemgr.c
It seems that in currently the timeshift_unlimited_period boolean is completely ignored when it comes to taking actio... J. Dierkse


21:40 Tvheadend Bug #1790: Timeshift not working
I've been looking into the code of timeshift for a bit, and I think a "&& !timeshift_unlimited_period" clause missing... J. Dierkse


18:16 Tvheadend Bug #2051 (Rejected): Can't client switch to channel that's being recorded
When a recording is in progress on a channel, a client cannot switch to that channel.
If a client is subscribed to a...
J. Dierkse
15:00 Tvheadend Bug #2049 (New): EPG Source assignments are incorrectly displayed
When a channel has an EPG Source assigent with a single digit channel number, and there is a multi-digit channel numb... J. Dierkse
14:57 Tvheadend Bug #2048 (New): TvHeadend doesn't use icons provided by XMLTV
The icons provided by the XMLTV content are not used to change the channel icons. J. Dierkse

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