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22:47 Tvheadend Descrambling: RE: Raspberry + Tv Hat + French Pay TV
I don't think CANAL+ sell TNT subscriptions any more unfortunately. For the cards that do exist, there's no way to re... Adam W


16:14 Tvheadend Bug #6165 (New): Demuxing AAC audio fails when channel config not set in ADTS header
In some audio channels using AAC (in ADTS packets), the MPEG-4 channel config is not set in the ADTS frame header - i... Adam W


12:21 Tvheadend General: RE: Xbox One DVB-T/T2/C tuner
I've just been trying this tuner myself with TVHeadend under Ubuntu 20.04 (Kernel 5.13).
Was interested to see how...
Adam W


17:06 Tvheadend Bug #5989: Transcode dvb-s ts radio stream (mp2) to aac for Sonos playback (audio-only)
I do this (transcode MP2 radio streams from DVB to AAC for Sonos in TVHeadend) without problems. I'm using 4.3-1857 s... Adam W


14:44 Tvheadend Feature #4263: MediaHighWay EPG Grabber
Now getting all of the data, with a Python script based on the Enigma2 code here: Adam W


18:18 Tvheadend Feature #4263: MediaHighWay EPG Grabber
Update - the channel names table is also present on PID 644, as are some of the programme descriptions (short ones). ... Adam W


17:03 Tvheadend Feature #4263: MediaHighWay EPG Grabber
To get the data above, you find tables with TID 200 (0xC8) on PID 561, then you look for byte 117 of the table data (... Adam W
16:52 Tvheadend Feature #4263: MediaHighWay EPG Grabber
I finally got round to looking into this and made a little progress in investigating the format. We should be able to... Adam W


21:09 Tvheadend General: HBBTV Client Support
Just wondering, has anyone found any Smart TV IPTV client (for use with ?profile=pass playlist streams from TVH) that... Adam W


10:18 Tvheadend Bug #5887: AAC Audio Tracks Tagged Incorrectly
Changing the *streaming.c* labels also then requires this change in *htsp_server.c* so that AAC-LATM gets reported as... Adam W

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