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01:06 Tvheadend General: RE: Port forwarding support
TVH doesn't care where the connection is coming from.
Can you access the web UI via port 9981 from your external n...
Hiro Protagonist


20:26 Tvheadend Kodi (XBMC) as frontend: RE: Massive problem is records are played back
I presume you're using the TVHeadend client on Kodi? Hiro Protagonist


20:54 Tvheadend General: RE: Recordings cut off
Jonas Lang wrote:
> There’s nothing obvious in TVH. How come you’re just breezing in with that comment after the O...
Hiro Protagonist


21:02 Tvheadend General: RE: Recordings cut off
Rachel Greenham wrote:
> I mean, it took me literally weeks to figure out the problem because I wasn't *using* it en...
Hiro Protagonist
20:57 Tvheadend General: RE: Recordings cut off
Jonas Lang wrote:
> In many cases it’s a permissions issue at fault.
It should be obvious when someone says the...
Hiro Protagonist


20:34 Tvheadend General: RE: TVHeadend losing access to recordings after reboot
Ron L wrote:
> it works better to create a mount for them in /etc/fstab.
This is the way.
Hiro Protagonist


21:22 Tvheadend General: RE: Problem with post-processing scripts
White space within paths can be tricky.
Try creating a script that does what you want when executed manually, then e...
Hiro Protagonist
21:18 Tvheadend General: RE: ffmpeg pipe not working
I'm puzzled why your log shows '/TCM' appended to your pipe: entries.
Do you get a valid mux entry from your confi...
Hiro Protagonist


23:09 Tvheadend Tutorial and setups: RE: Connect remotly to TVHeadend server that uses VPN.
I'm assuming you are port forwarding from your router to port 9981 on your TVH machine?
This script allows traffic...
Hiro Protagonist


22:07 Tvheadend General: RE: Can't log in from web OSMC installation
Have you tried user osmc passwd osmc ? Hiro Protagonist

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