Bodo Eggert




22:36 Tvheadend Feature #1895: I don't wanna see ... (EPG blacklist)
Yes, the terms are very mixed-up, and tvheadend uses completely different names compared to what I'm used to. Additio... Bodo Eggert


19:10 Tvheadend Bug #1894: files written with execute permission
No problem. I just need a github for dummies ...
... seems like I pushed it. Now it's end-of-the-year. Happy new yea...
Bodo Eggert
16:23 Tvheadend Bug #1894: files written with execute permission
Patch done.
All files will be opened 0666 - umask, directories will be created 0700 (no change)
Bodo Eggert
16:21 Tvheadend Feature #1892: Saving the EPG data for recordings
Yes, they look good. Only in the wrong directory, but it can be symlinked.
I'd still suggest writing a copy of the...
Bodo Eggert
15:29 Tvheadend Feature #1889: No-gap recording of consecutive broadcasts
They are different shows, but currently I have one recording with the first show plus the start of the second show in... Bodo Eggert
15:04 Tvheadend Feature #1897: EPG: Use numeric day instead of "Monday"
I'm searching in the EPG for e.g. February 13 in order to record a specific broadcast I found in TVBrowser. It's a Th... Bodo Eggert


12:09 Tvheadend Kodi (XBMC) as frontend: RE: tvheadend htsp client - No input detected
I guess the rebooting is due to the power supply. Bodo Eggert
01:52 Tvheadend Kodi (XBMC) as frontend: RE: audio but no video
I think I have the same issue - xbmc will behave like the TV channel is audio-only.
Is ist possible to use softwar...
Bodo Eggert


22:12 Tvheadend Feature #1897 (Fixed): EPG: Use numeric day instead of "Monday"
If I search for a EPG entry to record, I'd prefer having numeric days instead of day-of-week.
E.g. TVBrowser current...
Bodo Eggert
19:43 Tvheadend Bug #1896 (Rejected): Trying to suid to 1
When started from a user account as a daemon (-f), tvheadend tries to setuid(1) and - off cause - fails. Suppying -f ... Bodo Eggert

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