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23:00 Tvheadend Bug #5116: Channel icons broken (Image cache)
Check your server log, if there are multiple 4xx errors for the icons, change "Authentication typ" option (Configurat...


22:29 Tvheadend Feature #5061: Zattoo plugin
You can use the pipe:// handler and https://github.com/streamlink/streamlink


10:54 Tvheadend Bug #5014: Current time isn't used when opening an *.m3u8 stream
Thank you so much for reporting this, i thought i was going crazy because one of my channels is having an exact 30min...


13:03 Tvheadend Bug #4931: Ziggo: No epg data at all with latest master head
It's not limited to NZ, all EIT seems to be affected (xmltv works), i've reverted to 4.3-1006 where it still works...


21:45 Tvheadend Bug #4884: Build auf Cubietruck mit armbin schlägt fehl
This is the bugtracker, not the forum, also not german.
That said, it looks like it's failing because of a NEON re...


15:17 Tvheadend Bug #4842: All recordings gone
<25min from report to fix, damn you're fast :D
Thanks a lot,
14:55 Tvheadend Feature #4843 (New): Add a simple dvr-log-generator (file import to DVR database)
Hi all,
i've lost a number of dvr-log-files over the years (newer Kodi's had different default-life-times, bugs, m...
14:45 Tvheadend Bug #4842 (Fixed): All recordings gone
Hi all,
commit 15a4fbbacdfb9bd48f811dcd5d9eae258bdd151d "DVR: recode dvr_entry_create_(), use htsmsg_t dynamic con...


10:32 Tvheadend Feature #4769: Add custom pipe-handler to IPTV networks
Jaroslav Kysela wrote:
> > This would allow to directly use radio-playlists (which currently can only be handeled ma...
10:21 Tvheadend Bug #4768: Startup-crash on reading playlist (with pipe:// entries)
Thank you, works fine again :)

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