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14:43 Tvheadend Feature #6227: Build in icam patches?
This patch *requires* the patched libdvbcsa, otherwise compilation will fail, it would need compile-time detection or... Hanspeter Müller


19:21 Tvheadend Bug #6119: Respan/Kill timeout non functional
... Hanspeter Müller
19:19 Tvheadend Bug #6119 (New): Respan/Kill timeout non functional
can someone confirm, that Muxes -> Edit Mux -> Expert Settings
Respawn (pipe)
Kill timeout (pipe...
Hanspeter Müller


11:25 Tvheadend Feature #5911: Listen Port for xmltv.sock
you can do this easily with socat (with ssl):...
Hanspeter Müller


18:31 Tvheadend Feature #5655: t would be nice if the channel list could see the channel information, coding, audio video format and source if it is IPTV sat IPTV that would help a lot
You can already see that in the DVB-Inputs -> Services -> Encrypted field, and if you need it, you can also turn on t... Hanspeter Müller


21:09 Tvheadend Bug #5611: TVHeadend Plugin on raspberry pi (2 or 3) with Kodi 18 and hardware acceleration omxplayer
Thank you so much, finally someone who can confirm this. I've reported this month ago, long before the kodi18 final, ... Hanspeter Müller


01:57 Tvheadend Bug #5531: hbbTV
This is the bugtracker, and not your personal answering machine. Take a hint, dude. Hanspeter Müller


07:27 Tvheadend Feature #5399 (Rejected): [Low] Add HTTP Pull for XMLTV
There are a number of XMLTV files (usually gz packed); would be nice if we could configure url directly in the EPG Gr... Hanspeter Müller
07:09 Tvheadend Bug #5398 (Rejected): Active Adapters are shown bold
Hi, i belive this is an error; it started when the red/green bulbs where added, IMHO it looks shi^h^h^h inconsistent ... Hanspeter Müller
07:02 Tvheadend Bug #5397 (New): Profiles Issue with options and clone
It's not possible to disable Stream Profiles -> pass -> Rewrite PMT/PAT/SDT/NIT/EIT, also the "clone" button on all p... Hanspeter Müller

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