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18:02 Tvheadend Bug #5907: SATIP services hidden and unplayable
I have a similar problem with Mux scanning. I still don't know what's causing it (good services "hidden" under parent... g siviero


09:19 Tvheadend Bug #5858: Some services are hidden when hide: "parent disabled" option selected, but there's no reason for it (no mux, no network disabled)
I also have a similar problem, a similar issue (Bug #4929) should already be open.
At the moment my workaround is to...
g siviero


17:21 Tvheadend Bug #5851 (New): Upcoming rec not showing up in EPG if channel changed from DVR tab
Steps to reproduce:
1) having multiple channels mapped for the same TV network (e.g.: one service from DVB-T, one ...
g siviero


11:24 Tvheadend Feature #5846: Assume all HEVC content is UHD may not always be correct (when mapping channel)
The required new feature would be to discriminate, if possible, channels using HEVC codec between UHD and HD (or even... g siviero
11:18 Tvheadend Feature #5846 (New): Assume all HEVC content is UHD may not always be correct (when mapping channel)
in a not so distant future (2022) DVB-T Italy transmissions will move to DVB-T2 and use the codec HEVC.
In the last ...
g siviero


07:36 Tvheadend Bug #5683 (New): web interface - mux schedulers - mux column sort not working
I noticed that in the web interface section:
configuration > DVB Inputs > Mux Schedulers
I cannot sort the colu...
g siviero


15:22 Tvheadend Bug #5675: Tvheadend Command hello failed: No response received - needs a re-install on every boot
I would also check dmesg and syslog for other errors (microSD failing and set to read only?). g siviero


10:14 Tvheadend Feature #5638: Recordings should depend only on files in recordings directory, or store database there
You could also schedule a configuration backup (on a different disk or network path) if you are afraid that your Tvhe... g siviero


10:32 Tvheadend Bug #5572: Neither UK-Freesat Bouquets NOR 7 day epg appear to be working
I cannot receive 11425H (I'm out of the beam footprint for this transponder), but it seems that I can get 7 day EPG d... g siviero


11:08 Tvheadend Bug #3912: SAT>IP multiple sources / networks with different tuner types
Could you please add this note to the Help pages (DVB Inputs - Networks)?... g siviero

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