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07:36 Tvheadend Bug #5683 (New): web interface - mux schedulers - mux column sort not working
I noticed that in the web interface section:
configuration > DVB Inputs > Mux Schedulers
I cannot sort the colu...
g siviero


15:22 Tvheadend Bug #5675: Tvheadend Command hello failed: No response received - needs a re-install on every boot
I would also check dmesg and syslog for other errors (microSD failing and set to read only?). g siviero


10:14 Tvheadend Feature #5638: Recordings should depend only on files in recordings directory, or store database there
You could also schedule a configuration backup (on a different disk or network path) if you are afraid that your Tvhe... g siviero


10:32 Tvheadend Bug #5572: Neither UK-Freesat Bouquets NOR 7 day epg appear to be working
I cannot receive 11425H (I'm out of the beam footprint for this transponder), but it seems that I can get 7 day EPG d... g siviero


11:08 Tvheadend Bug #3912: SAT>IP multiple sources / networks with different tuner types
Could you please add this note to the Help pages (DVB Inputs - Networks)?... g siviero


14:51 Tvheadend Bug #5398: Active Adapters are shown bold
I also like the way it is now (normal/bold font), much more clearer than with just a small red/green dot.
I don't se...
g siviero


17:00 Tvheadend Bug #5225: Skipped re-runs show up as failed recordings
This issue is very similar to Bug #4770, still present in version 4.3-1391~g852a10a34 in my setup. g siviero


10:43 Tvheadend Bug #5174 (New): subtitle scraping wrong (double subtitle) if text contains apex character '
In some circumstances the subtitle is "doubled". This seems to happen when the subtitle is contained between apex cha... g siviero
10:29 Tvheadend Bug #5172: episode and season from EIT scraping is 1 character short
From my tests a correction using the function strlcpy should be (src/wrappers.c line 607):... g siviero
10:20 Tvheadend Bug #5172: episode and season from EIT scraping is 1 character short
the problem is in function eit_pattern_apply_list because it calls regex_match_substring from src/wrappers.c...
g siviero

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