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11:30 Tvheadend Bug #5370: Icon not showing up in kod client
This was recently fixed in Sam Stenvall


18:02 Tvheadend Bug #4326: Opened sessions with "zero" output traffic
I've noticed this too on v4.0.8. What I usually do is kill the HTSP connection for the user, which causes it to recon... Sam Stenvall


18:07 Tvheadend Feature #3422: Number of users using TVH
You might wanna take a look at It's still in early development s... Sam Stenvall
18:03 Tvheadend Bug #3527: Please, do not automatically download and build third parity packages
The only packages that are downloaded is ffmpeg, and you can disable that. Sam Stenvall


11:47 Tvheadend Bug #3548: Imagecache failed to download PNG image
I can add to this that the same issue is present in the release/4.0 branch. I've only tested with PNG images since th... Sam Stenvall


15:50 Tvheadend Bug #3482: Disturbings on Full HD sat receivings
@perexg can you open a ticket on Sam Stenvall


16:20 Tvheadend Bug #3350: SAT>IP fully broken on servers with IPv6
Another great feature would be to actually be able to edit the bug report so I could fix the messed up formatting (th... Sam Stenvall
16:18 Tvheadend Bug #3350 (Fixed): SAT>IP fully broken on servers with IPv6
There are actually two bugs here:
1. If you enable the SAT>IP server tvheadend will forcefully start listening onl...
Sam Stenvall


22:31 Tvheadend Feature #3197: Possible to merge dvr retention and removal?
+1 to this, integrating properly with Kodi would be easier and less confusing if these two were merged. Sam Stenvall


20:52 Tvheadend Feature #2616: show oscam reader status
@Pim Zandbergen follow if you're interested in the addon part. Kodi st... Sam Stenvall

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