danny skjodt




07:59 Tvheadend Feature #3837: EMM And IPTV Source
Joel Kåberg wrote:
> Did anyone of you come any closer to this? The company here uses a dedicated EMM udp stream whi...
danny skjodt


16:11 Tvheadend Bug #3940: Digital Devices MAX S8
That helped, I notice now that even zapping channels fast like staying 0.1 second on each before zapping to next caus... danny skjodt
15:12 Tvheadend Bug #3940: Digital Devices MAX S8
Alfred Zastrow wrote:
> Pls try this:
> create this file:
> /etc/modprobe.d/ddbridge.conf
> with thi...
danny skjodt
05:01 Tvheadend Bug #3940 (Invalid): Digital Devices MAX S8
Does anyone else have problems with this adapter and tvheadend ?
It keeps loosing signal for me during the scan of m...
danny skjodt


22:31 Tvheadend Bug #3863: ORF Descramble
Tvheadend is kindof bad handling multi caid decoding, or maybe its dvbapi related never looked into this, the best th... danny skjodt
22:27 Tvheadend Bug #3854: Should add a subscription entry when streaming a recording with HTSP
Daniel Ribeiro wrote:
> When streaming a recording via HTTP a subscription is set (visible in the webinterface and o...
danny skjodt
22:26 Tvheadend Feature #3869: h264_omx encoding for raspberry pi 3
drhans drhans wrote:
> Please implement h264_omx encoder on for raspberry pi 3 to enhance transcoding. Raspberry Pi ...
danny skjodt
22:23 Tvheadend Bug #3873: Issues with BT Sport 1 HD and BT Sport 2 HD
Invalid start code 52:ec:b2
This usualy happends when oscam gives a fake or wrong CW to tvheadend, send log from o...
danny skjodt


06:00 Tvheadend Feature #3831: VAAPI Encoding via FFmpeg.
Jan g wrote:
> @danny: making VAAPI then for meaningful if I specify no bitrate ? I would like to reduce the hd stre...
danny skjodt


04:40 Tvheadend Feature #3831: VAAPI Encoding via FFmpeg.
Jan g wrote:
> -r 29.97 does nothing change...
> the cpu load is also quite low... with h264_qsv and mediasdk i...
danny skjodt

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