Yon Belew




04:40 Tvheadend Bug #1695: empty service names
Hi Adam,
All service names are empty.
Network, NetworkID and MuxID columns are empty on the Multiplexes page.
Yon Belew


03:22 Tvheadend Bug #1695 (Invalid): empty service names
Duplicate of Bug #1429 that is now marked as Fixed.
HDHR Prime ATSC: 87 Muxes, 473 Services all with empty Service N...
Yon Belew


15:39 Tvheadend Bug #1429: problem with empty service names
m 321liftoff wrote:
> I had this issue using master git 5d2197c30f (~Nov 29, 2012) and ATSC in the US.
And now it...
Yon Belew


13:47 Tvheadend General: HDHR Prime - no service names
Upon adding a DVB source for the US QAM256 I get about 350 services but none of them have names and all have type "Ot... Yon Belew


21:24 Tvheadend Bug #1326: Can't find service names and channel numbers
Exact same behavior with ATSC HDHR Prime - not a single service name appears on the services page. Yon Belew


15:43 Tvheadend Bug #1429: problem with empty service names
Same issue with empty service names. Tried both 3.2 and git on HDHR Prime. Any updates on this one? Thanks. Yon Belew
15:15 Tvheadend Tutorial and setups: RE: Tvheadend can't map channels with HDHR3 on Synology DS1512+
I don't think this is strictly a Synology issue. I'm running TVH on arch linux with HDHR Prime, and both git and 3.2 ... Yon Belew

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