Jaroslav Kysela





11:03 Tvheadend Bug #5486: Network discovery: failure
Add this code and provide new logs:...
10:59 Tvheadend Bug #5500: Recordings wrong when using Fritz!Box's DVB-C tuners
Do you have some data errors for the DVR entries or continuity errors in the logs?


20:11 Tvheadend Bug #5387: External Bouquet for DVB-C/T does not see any services
It appears that my extended log changes from comment 23 are not applied to the source code. The tvhdebug() call might...
20:09 Tvheadend Bug #5499: DVB-C UK Virgin OTA not working
Upgrade to latest at first. There are many corrections.
16:58 Tvheadend Bug #5387: External Bouquet for DVB-C/T does not see any services
Enable debug log (through webui or to a file) and trigger the bouquet scan to see more.


15:39 Tvheadend Feature #5498 (Rejected): Duplicated logs
12:30 Tvheadend Bug #5496: Only after a reboot all sat>ip tuners are accessible again
Thilo Gebers wrote:
> Jaroslav Kysela wrote:
> > Try to play with 'Fast input switch' and forced UDP RTP port setti...
09:37 Tvheadend Bug #5497 (Fixed): Disabling Network: Instantly kick channels/services/muxes in use for that net
Applied in changeset commit:tvheadend|098318644802bfee4baa7eeeeafac4f81ecd9578.
09:36 Tvheadend Revision 09831864 (tvheadend): mpegts network: stop all running muxes when the network was disabled by the user, fixes #5497
09:35 Tvheadend Revision 6621db64 (tvheadend): mpegts input: change mpegts_input_tuning_error() to more universal mpegts_input_error()

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