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09:49 Tvheadend Bug #4851: TVH freezes: mpegts: too much queued table input data (over 2MB), discarding new
Just gather the log as described in the provided wiki page and upload it here or somewhere public.


09:59 Tvheadend Feature #5082 (Rejected): VAAPI support without X11
It's not a tvh's issue.
09:55 Tvheadend Bug #5038: After changing password in webui login is not possible anymore
Unfortunately, the synology packaging scheme is too much different from the standard Linux distributions, so we canno...
08:44 Tvheadend Feature #5084 (Rejected): Tvheadend on router
We are sorry, it's not a bug or feature request. Use forum, but the cross-compilation issues should be probably discu...


21:36 Tvheadend Bug #5083: EPG Data
I fixed the EPG limit in v4.3-1252-g595fd174f and I'll look to others. It seems that the ETSI DVB SI tables detection...
21:27 Tvheadend Revision 595fd174 (tvheadend): epg: fix the EPG limit (days) - inverted condition
21:11 Tvheadend Bug #5056: Wrongly matched autorec entry when TVHeadend starts up
If you see the invalid checksum, the table contents is dropped. The updated timer is that EPG updated the event (if t...


16:54 Tvheadend Feature #5081: Time stamp format is not respecting system locale nor language settings
The grids use standard Date().toLocaleString() - see idnode.js . It means that browser's locale is used instead tvhea...


15:26 Tvheadend Revision 56135513 (tvheadend): add bionic-amd64.sh to Autobuild
15:12 Tvheadend Revision 66f0b958 (tvheadend): doozer: use docker, add bionic-amd64, fedora27, fedora28 targets, ...

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