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22:10 Tvheadend Bug #5706: Enigma2 playlist export is missing some metadata fields
Client should detect those values automatically from the MPEG-TS stream when only one service is present in it. TVH c... Jaroslav Kysela
16:36 Tvheadend Feature #5704: API: Start scan of single Mux
API supports that. Just look what the web browser does when you change the mux scan state from 'IDLE' to 'PENDING' (e... Jaroslav Kysela


21:19 Tvheadend Bug #5641: EMM not being sent to Oscam server using CCCAM
Add descrambler-emm to traces : --trace descrambler,descrambler-emm,cccam,cwc . Also, please, do not cut the log line... Jaroslav Kysela


11:04 Tvheadend Feature #5695: Raw output of SDT table in trace
You can just save the MPEG-TS output from tvheadend to a file and use those analyzers (both can use the input from a ... Jaroslav Kysela


20:59 Tvheadend Feature #5695: Raw output of SDT table in trace
I would recommend to use other TS tools to analyze streams like *tsduck* or *dvbsnoop* . Just capture the mux or a se... Jaroslav Kysela
20:55 Tvheadend Bug #5659: Descrambler issues in 4.3
A new fix in v4.3-1803-g9874ab0b1 :
Jaroslav Kysela
20:49 Tvheadend Bug #5696 (Invalid): OSCAM DVBApi: TVH soes not correctly sends the list management command inside the elementary stream info loop
Recent TVH sends the correct PMT message to oscam based on the oscam version detection. Dot. Please, do not spam our ... Jaroslav Kysela


22:10 Tvheadend Bug #5659: Descrambler issues in 4.3
The only difference is that ECM PIDs are now marked as fast (MT_FAST), so the locking in mpegts_input.c is different ... Jaroslav Kysela


15:07 Tvheadend Bug #5677: Sat>Ip Server on 2nd NIC / 2nd Subnet not found by Tvheadend
TVH has not have a support for multiple LANs for PnP yet. Use --satip_xml option to define the SAT>IP server statical... Jaroslav Kysela
15:04 Tvheadend Bug #5684: Tvheadend does not detect AC3+ audio track
Try to add this code bellow :
Jaroslav Kysela

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