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15:07 Tvheadend Bug #5677: Sat>Ip Server on 2nd NIC / 2nd Subnet not found by Tvheadend
TVH has not have a support for multiple LANs for PnP yet. Use --satip_xml option to define the SAT>IP server statical...
15:04 Tvheadend Bug #5684: Tvheadend does not detect AC3+ audio track
Try to add this code bellow :


20:05 Tvheadend Bug #5676: EMM packets not being written to DDCI adapters
I don't remember why I duplicated this functionality. It seems that it might be enough to call modified (!assert) mpe...
13:43 Tvheadend Bug #5459 (Fixed): Something is slow in 4.3
Fixed in #5659 .
13:42 Tvheadend Bug #5659 (Fixed): Descrambler issues in 4.3
Mea culpa. I forgot to flag the ECM PIDs in the common cclient code (newcamd, cccam). So they were evaluated in the s...
13:41 Tvheadend Revision 6be300c4 (tvheadend): cclient: fix the ECM PID flag for newcamd and cccam, fixes #5659


08:02 Tvheadend Bug #5667 (Fixed): Broken build with uClibc


08:17 Tvheadend Bug #5667: Broken build with uClibc
What about to include uclibc's stdio.h before tvheadend's header files? It would be probably nice to make those hacks...


16:30 Tvheadend Bug #5659: Descrambler issues in 4.3
The patch was not applied. The problem is that ECM is not detected/sent before the key change in some cases.
14:48 Tvheadend Bug #5667: Broken build with uClibc
You've not got the point. It's only define, so if the pthread_mutex_t is not used in the code (and it should not be u...

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