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15:33 Tvheadend Revision 0a325293 (tvheadend): satip client: ignore RTP packets with zero length (minisatip 0.7)
15:12 Tvheadend Feature #4337 (Rejected): TV Cards not appearing
Please, ask on forum. You probably don't have correct permissions for the hts process.
14:42 Tvheadend Bug #4335 (Invalid): htsmsg_xml_deserialize error
Yes, verify XML in any XML browser before reporting a bug.


18:33 Tvheadend Revision 3067a3e9 (tvheadend): parsers: add PCR / PTS check (comparison) before the packet is pus...
- the goal is to improve the parsed data stability
- drop the invalid packets to avoid troubles in the packet processors
18:17 Tvheadend Revision 245b62b5 (tvheadend): packet: add pcr value to all packets for further usage
18:09 Tvheadend Revision 7911c035 (tvheadend): parsers: TELETEXT / TEXTSUB - use PCR as the main clock
Most PTS clocks is just wrong.
14:01 Tvheadend Revision 0a40ce47 (tvheadend): http playlist: add possibility to sort by name only
13:13 Tvheadend Revision bbf4decf (tvheadend): profile: add missing MP4/av-lib muxer for transcoding
11:38 Tvheadend Revision b095bdac (tvheadend): trancode: fix the source vcodec code, indents


18:25 Tvheadend Bug #4333: Cannot connect to external SATIP server
It might be also a weird network issue. It seems that the packets are not delivered in time. Perhaps, you may run wir...

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