Alex Scott




09:42 Tvheadend Feature #4461: HDHome Run emulation
Flole Systems wrote:
> Shane Kuzmanic wrote:
> > Its disapointing that the people on this project seem to be Kodi b...
Alex Scott


12:44 Tvheadend Feature #4461: HDHome Run emulation
Oliver S wrote:
> first up, thx. alot Em! thx. for taking the time to write up.
> i do think you misunderstood ...
Alex Scott


21:24 Tvheadend Feature #3425: HDHomeRun SERVER support
Now Plex supports Live TV this feature would certainly be a big bonus to the significant Plex user- base. Is there an... Alex Scott


18:58 Tvheadend Feature #4461: HDHome Run emulation
Andreas Fornberg wrote:
> I don't understand.
> TVheadend already supports HDHomeRun.
> Just connect Plex to TVhea...
Alex Scott


19:48 Tvheadend Tutorial and setups: RE: tutorial: watch liveTV on your ipad (non-jailbreaked) + tvheadend
Just tto chime in LeonTV Free is also a good client as it allows you to save the channel URLs for easy access. Again ... Alex Scott


19:26 Tvheadend General: RE: client software..
Ive found LeonTV works well, you can add custom stream URL's and it plays perfectly, although I havent found a way to... Alex Scott


23:03 Tvheadend Descrambling: YouView ( UK IPTV Service)
YouView has recently launched in the UK, providing subscription free On Demand and catchup services over the Internet... Alex Scott

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