Wojciech Myrda




12:41 Tvheadend Bug #1746: can't compile
it has been reported ealier as well.. Wojciech Myrda
12:40 Tvheadend Bug #1746: can't compile
I think it is related to ffmpeg version which You might be using. I got same eroor with ffmpe 1.2 which I reported he... Wojciech Myrda


10:12 Tvheadend Feature #1741: Chracter Encoding Update
done, i hope :D
Wojciech Myrda
07:37 Tvheadend Revision ac53915b (tvheadend): The lists out there set ISO8859-5 encoding for all the channels
in the "Sattelite BG" digital platform from 23.5E however hence
several of those transponders share their channels ...
Wojciech Myrda
07:33 Tvheadend Revision 5c8ade85 (tvheadend): I have found several ovverrides
that help with encoding on the platforms of Easteuropean origin for enigma2 boxes.
This commit sets encoding for Rom...
Wojciech Myrda
07:28 Tvheadend Revision db947242 (tvheadend): Moving skyde overrides to the beggining of the file to sort the list in the
alphabetical order just like sattelites names go and skyde is located on Astra
hence is deserves the place in the start
Wojciech Myrda
07:26 Tvheadend Revision 5a163d76 (tvheadend): Turkish character encoding override addition based on encoding.conf from;a=summary Wojciech Myrda
07:20 Tvheadend Revision a636cf69 (tvheadend): Greek character encoding override addition based on nonstandard_encoding from IPBox HD
Wojciech Myrda
07:17 Tvheadend Revision f6547d5a (tvheadend): upstream uptodate file
Wojciech Myrda
07:10 Tvheadend Revision 21e8e272 (tvheadend): Merge remote-tracking branch 'dev/master'
Wojciech Myrda

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