Wojciech Myrda




12:41 Tvheadend Bug #1746: can't compile
it has been reported ealier as well.. Wojciech Myrda
12:40 Tvheadend Bug #1746: can't compile
I think it is related to ffmpeg version which You might be using. I got same eroor with ffmpe 1.2 which I reported he... Wojciech Myrda


10:12 Tvheadend Feature #1741: Chracter Encoding Update
done, i hope :D
Wojciech Myrda


22:58 Tvheadend Feature #1741: Chracter Encoding Update
well i see what I can do. my github skills are second to none ;) please give me a day or two for that Wojciech Myrda
12:38 Tvheadend Feature #1741: Chracter Encoding Update
Several naming changes in polish platforms are due to Cyfra+ acquisition of ITI/N. They changed platform name into NC... Wojciech Myrda
12:35 Tvheadend Feature #1741: Chracter Encoding Update
attached files are checked for up to date settings taken from Wojciech Myrda
11:23 Tvheadend Feature #1741 (Fixed): Chracter Encoding Update
Since the last update for polish translation there has been few changes in the satellite for which I will include a p... Wojciech Myrda
12:55 Tvheadend Bug #1742 (Rejected): tvheadend fails to compile with ffmpeg 1.2 tree
After transcoding branch has been merged in commit 60bdb16c9d tvheadend would no longer compile with ffmpeg 1.2.1 + p... Wojciech Myrda


09:18 Tvheadend Bug #1534: Continuity Counter Error on switching channels
I wrote a quite a long post just to learn that it asked me login again and it was gone...
Anyways here are few of ...
Wojciech Myrda


12:32 Tvheadend Feature #1387: XMLTV does not support iso-8859-2.
TVH is by default getting the encoding from over the air satellite transmission of DVB stream which sets appropr...
Wojciech Myrda

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