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20:40 Tvheadend Bug #996: Tvheadend crash on 2.99.16.g0e3bb
It's probably caused by some PR that has been merged in our build. I'll investigate the issue and post new builds asa...


17:58 Tvheadend Descrambling: RE: unsupported CA system - Will not forward EMMs
ah right, it's in the title :)
it only means your card won't be updated by EMM.
17:57 Tvheadend Descrambling: RE: unsupported CA system - Will not forward EMMs
what does the log show after connecting to the cardserver?


13:43 Tvheadend Feature #316: [patch] debian/rules file
(testing the new bugtracker's mail system)
I'm using that rules file to build my packages on launchpad. It's a bit...


21:43 Tvheadend Wiki edit: Tvheadend_oscam_ziggo (#7)
21:41 Tvheadend Wiki edit: Ziggo (#10)
emm updates working, confirmed on irc


12:52 Tvheadend Feature #159 (Need feedback): Irdeto EMM updates
reopened this because you might not notice this closed ticket. since I don't have svn write access, could you add thi...
12:47 Tvheadend Wiki edit: Ziggo (#9)
updated EMM issue
12:38 Tvheadend Feature #159: Irdeto EMM updates
Right, I was looking for way too complex solutions for this :-)
I'm sometimes seeing failed updates in the newcs l...


22:39 Tvheadend Feature #159: Irdeto EMM updates
I got the code done but I'm still seeing some failed EMMs. Looks like the payload is split in two EMM packets but I'm...

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