Richard Lloyd




21:55 Tvheadend Bug #1724: Recordings are segmented, and only the last portion is played back
This is similar to the bug (OK, "feature request") I reported last year as issue 1242 at Richard Lloyd


18:39 Tvheadend Bug #1502 (Rejected): EPG filter channel menu fails to switch channels
I'm on Linux with the latest Firefox and Chrome (both browsers show the bug) and have just downloaded the latest git ... Richard Lloyd


12:51 Tvheadend Feature #1477: Include Date in "Start" column of EPG
It should also be noted that the column width for Start may need adjusting because it chops off the time for me even ... Richard Lloyd


02:55 Tvheadend Bug #1480 (Rejected): UK post-digital switchover of DVB-T not reflected in UK dvb-scan files
The United Kingdom is now 100% digital on its terrestrial DVB-T services, but it does look like the
source tvheadend...
Richard Lloyd
02:08 Tvheadend Bug #1459: Autorec recordings are automatically deleted from log
I forgot to mention that I updated my git copy once Adam had marked this as fixed and - yippee! - it is indeed fixed ... Richard Lloyd


22:41 Tvheadend Bug #1459: Autorec recordings are automatically deleted from log
Just to confirm that I'm seeing this in recent git releases too (the one I got less than a week ago was the first one... Richard Lloyd


17:03 Tvheadend Bug #1465 (New): Set column widths to minimum required ~ Still does not apply to EPG grid in 3.9
The default positioning of columns in various tvheadend pages leave a lot to be desired - either strings are truncate... Richard Lloyd
16:45 Tvheadend Feature #1464 (Rejected): Retries of bad tuner should cycle across all identically configured available tuners until one works
My quad tuner satellite card (TBS6984) will very occasionally drop the signal strength across most of the transponder... Richard Lloyd
16:21 Tvheadend Feature #1348: Use Web notifications to inform user of important events
I would also point out that leaving the System log "hidden" by default in recent months (reuqiring the double-arrowed... Richard Lloyd
15:23 Tvheadend Feature #1274: Separate the completed recordings from the future scheduled ones in Web UI
I just updated to the latest git release and it appears we now have separate "Upcoming recordings", "Finished recordi... Richard Lloyd

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