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08:41 Tvheadend Bug #6131: Broken apt bullseye unstable repository
Issue still exists. Is there any forecast, when the deb Files will be working again?
Greetings Kae
Kae TuuN


22:27 Tvheadend General: recurrent Message in syslog: "No input source available for subscription"

1. Version of TVHeadend?
* 4.3-1991~g3ed76138a~focal
2. Running on what OS and version?
* Ubuntu LTS 20.04 HWE...
Kae TuuN


05:43 Tvheadend Tutorial and setups: RE: [MANUAL] Building .DEB packages on clean Ubuntu or other Debian distros
*Quick Guide to on a fresh installed Ubuntu 20.04 headless Server (Focal Fossa)*... Kae TuuN


00:06 Tvheadend Bug #6109: not working on Ubuntu 20.04 VM
Big thanks for the fast reply!
Worked with some tweaks. I will post them tomorrow.
Greetings KaeTuuN
Kae TuuN
21:36 Tvheadend Bug #6109 (Invalid): not working on Ubuntu 20.04 VM
Tried to use on a fresh Ubuntu 20.04 VM.
Installed the following packages and there Dependencies after ...
Kae TuuN

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