Frank Meerköter




07:33 Tvheadend Bug #892: Power: tvheadend is constantly waking the system
Yes, still happens. Its not so much a bug as its the way tvheadend is currently designed to work. Frank Meerköter


18:50 Tvheadend Feature #649: Power saving: Close DVB file descriptor when DVB device is idle
I have applied this patch and it works in the sense that it closes the frontend-device but this isn't
enough to allo...
Frank Meerköter


22:02 Tvheadend Revision dc3bbe1c (tvheadend): fix warning about unused variable
Frank Meerköter
21:45 Tvheadend Revision 8d65d268 (tvheadend): fix "comparison of unsigned expression < 0 is always false"
Frank Meerköter
21:44 Tvheadend Revision 05fa4d34 (tvheadend): fix pointless self-assign
Frank Meerköter


17:17 Tvheadend Bug #892 (Fixed): Power: tvheadend is constantly waking the system
I noticed when checking my NAS-box with "powertop" that tvheadend is constantly waking
up the system (wasting energy...
Frank Meerköter
11:17 Tvheadend Bug #883: Goes down after a failed recording
Peder Bonde wrote:
> Goes down after a failed recording
> No write access to recording folder causes tvheadend ...
Frank Meerköter


21:16 Tvheadend Revision f0e4366a (tvheadend): fix segfault due to failed mk_mux_create()
if mk_mux_create() fails due to to file system permissions
tvheadend will crash when trying to remove the rec-entry
Frank Meerköter
21:15 Tvheadend Revision 57ef38d3 (tvheadend): spelling
Frank Meerköter

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