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12:15 Tvheadend General: RE: Allow access from any network
Easy solution: just enter an empty string and you can connect from anywhere
EDIT: I actually tried but Tvh...
John W
11:45 Tvheadend General: Allow access from any network
Hi there, my Tvheadend installation is set up and working nicely. I would like to allow access to the web ui (port 99... John W


05:00 Tvheadend Tutorial and setups: RE: Nginx Proxy Manager and Tvheadend
Solved it. The trick was to go into Tvheadend configuration, and tick the box that says PROXY Protocol & X-Forwarded-... John W


08:31 Tvheadend Tutorial and setups: Nginx Proxy Manager and Tvheadend
Hi everyone, I am trying to set up Nginx Proxy Manager so I can access Tvheadend at
John W


01:35 Tvheadend General: RE: Timeshifting recorded media
I've played around a bit more, and it certainly looks like the problem is with the implementation of VLC on Android T... John W


07:11 Tvheadend General: Timeshifting recorded media
Hi everyone,
I have installed Tvheadend on a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian, and everything is set up and working. ...
John W

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