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09:15 Tvheadend Feature #390: EPG time offset for selected channels
Adam Sutton wrote:
> I need to review this, I would have thought EIT data included info about absolute time of the b...
Yura Scheglyuk


16:16 Tvheadend XMLTV: RE: content type/category
Hardcoding of EPG categories is not good practice. In other languages this EPG categories may be written by other wor... Yura Scheglyuk


19:55 Tvheadend Feature #762 (Rejected): Add option for limit user access by channel tag
Could you please add option for limit user access by channel tag. For example I have to limit access to kids only for... Yura Scheglyuk


10:34 Tvheadend General: RE: Playlist from TVHeadEnd-URL?
No at this time AFIK. Please ask developers to implement this feature as feature request in Yura Scheglyuk


08:46 Tvheadend Feature #562: Run script or program when tvheadend goes to idle state
Alain Kalker wrote:
> Come to think of it, it would be nice if tvheadend could start a script at end of recording as...
Yura Scheglyuk


18:09 Tvheadend Bug #555: mkv produced by tvheadend are not playable by dedicated hardware players that support othrwyse most mkv
There are a lot of bugreports about hardware players. I made workaround - see bug #392 Yura Scheglyuk


20:26 Tvheadend Bug #464: Wrong filestructure of HD-Recordings (H264)
I have attached LuxeHD-20110505-010856.raw 13.3 Мb raw dump of the h264 Luxe HD IPTV stream. Yura Scheglyuk


12:35 Tvheadend Bug #392: Popcorn Hour A-110 can't play recorded .mkv files
I found that simple run of mkvmerge on recorded mkv's fix "wrong" mkv structure. But this is the partial solution bec... Yura Scheglyuk


16:32 Tvheadend Bug #464: Wrong filestructure of HD-Recordings (H264)
Yes, I have the same problem. Tvheadend recordings not playing on some software and hardware players. I found that si... Yura Scheglyuk


14:36 Tvheadend Feature #70: Revive the simple web interface
Yura Scheglyuk wrote:
> The simple web interface to view online channels would be fine for simple devices like mob...
Yura Scheglyuk

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