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22:56 Tvheadend Kodi (XBMC) as frontend: Kodi HTSP Downscaling 1080p to 720p
Hi guys - I'm running TVHeadend 4.3-2028~g17aa6daac and have noticed that when playing FHD IPTV channels through Kodi... Chris Gregson


20:11 Tvheadend Tutorial and setups: RE: IPTV - buffering, stalls, general drop outs. Settings that resolved things for me.
Hi guys - Lot's of great info in this thread around IPTV and TVHeadend! - I have a quick question, but not sure it's ... Chris Gregson


12:11 Tvheadend General: RE: TBS 6205
Cheers for the replies guys. Looks like the WinTV card hs better driver support for Linux and is a tad cheaper. Chris Gregson


14:52 Tvheadend General: TBS 6205
Hi guys - I'm looking for a new DVB-T2 tuner for UK Freeview channels. I was having a look at the TBS 6205 and wonde... Chris Gregson


10:40 Tvheadend Tutorial and setups: Upgrade 4.2.4 to 4.2.7 Raspbian Stretch
Hi guys - I initially installed 4.2.4 from the Raspbian repository. I'd like to upgrade to 4.2.7 without having to d... Chris Gregson

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