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20:52 Tvheadend General: Does anyone know the answer to my question regarding my system?
Hey guys, I have a windows mini computer with nordvpn installed running xteve. On my server, I have tvheaded running.... Lisa White


21:39 Tvheadend General: Need Help with install
Hey guys, I got a new system and I am setting up tvheadend. I understand how to use the old installation setup but I ... Lisa White


17:46 Tvheadend General: RE: How to install and use Schedules Direct with TVHeadend (tv_grab_zz_sdjson_sqlite)
Hi, I use the tv_grab_az_sdjson_sqlite from github. ( It is a fork... Lisa White


01:18 Tvheadend General: There may be a bug in 4.3-2117~gf32c7c59a
Just updated bionic 4.3-2117~gf32c7c59a and the timeshift was not storing buffer file at the path I had pointed to. ... Lisa White


16:28 Tvheadend General: RE: Piping with time shift problem.
Thanks for the response, but I am not sure on how to update to your version. I received an update by using sudo apt u... Lisa White


23:19 Tvheadend General: RE: Problems with jammy main
m3u iptv Lisa White
22:58 Tvheadend General: Piping with time shift problem.
Hey guys, I am running the current tvheadend version through my ubuntu server. I have a new iptv provider and I am ex... Lisa White


14:16 Tvheadend General: Problems with jammy main
I am running most recent mint 21.1 vera. I installed Tvheadend using Lisa White


20:39 Tvheadend General: RE: xmltv Grabber that works with schedule direct
US m3u turner. This json worked since it was developed and it stopped about 5 months ago. I just found time to see i... Lisa White
18:08 Tvheadend General: xmltv Grabber that works with schedule direct
Hello my friends. I have been using tv_grab_az_sdjson_sqlite for schedules direct and it worked great. Recently, I lo... Lisa White

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