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18:05 Tvheadend Bug #5043: Services cannot be mapped for channels that do not broadcast regularly
This is still an issue for me. Chris G
17:48 Tvheadend General: RE: Missing services
Adrian Smith wrote:
> Do the "missing services" show up in the services tab if you change the "Hide" filter from the...
Chris G


19:56 Tvheadend General: Missing services
A network scan finds more services than are listed in the services tab.
These services that don't show in the servic...
Chris G


17:00 Tvheadend Bug #6268: Invisible services that map but don't play
What's invalid?
This is a real problem that I cant figure out. Recreating everything from scratch didn't fix it.
Chris G


19:05 Tvheadend Bug #6268 (Invalid): Invisible services that map but don't play
Some channels are missing from the services tab, but the mux service count suggests they are there.
They successfull...
Chris G


02:21 Tvheadend Feature #3477: Multistream T2-MI
Thanks for looking in to this guys.
Even more T2-MI streams have popped up since my last comment.
It is indeed beco...
Chris G


22:50 Tvheadend XMLTV: Service ref as channel ID?
Hello. Is it possible to use E2 style service refs <1:0:19:1644:42c:1:c00000:0:0:0:> as channel ID's?
This would mak...
Chris G


19:32 Tvheadend Bug #6243: Audio stream filters
Am I using it wrong?
If I look at a service's details it correctly reorders the tracks but Kodi doesn't seem to care.
Chris G
04:47 Tvheadend Bug #6243 (Invalid): Audio stream filters
When set to "use" the Kodi client does not use the desired language as default.
Chris G


00:34 Tvheadend Feature #6227: Build in icam patches?
This is abandoned. I was just making the suggestion. If you don't want to do it then close the issue. Chris G

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