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08:40 Tvheadend Feature #5466: Dish motor to 0
saen acro wrote:
> Isn't better to sent this command when service start/restart also?
In my opinion the button wi...


18:40 Tvheadend Bug #5035: Wrong order of channels


19:23 Tvheadend Bug #5050 (New): Service name changed
If the service name is changed, the channel is started only the second time


14:16 Tvheadend Bug #5049 (New): No sound on some channels
When viewing through VLC, there is a sound, but on Kodi or SPMC does not ( Audio track not found )
1 0x0065 / 10...


17:53 Tvheadend Bug #5044: SAT>IP RTSP cmd error 7
The way it works. However, I need ci support because I use CI module via minisatip :(
17:14 Tvheadend Bug #5044: SAT>IP RTSP cmd error 7
2018-03-27 15:12:41.489 mpegts: 12188V in Hotbird 13E - tuning on SAT>IP DVB-S Tuner #1 (
2018-03-27 1...
17:04 Tvheadend Bug #5044: SAT>IP RTSP cmd error 7
Have you changed your settings?
I have the result of scanning Ok (partial) and no service
16:54 Tvheadend Bug #5044 (Invalid): SAT>IP RTSP cmd error 7
Hotbird 13E 12188 V not scanned
TVH Log:
2018-03-27 14:51:27.575 epggrab: 12188V in Hotbird 13E - registering mux...
16:04 Tvheadend Bug #5034: Channels mapped from other tvh do not play using htsp stream profile
Same problem
15:57 Tvheadend Bug #5040: Channels with Ident 09BE not open
Yes, I have tried also browsing through astra ( ) and a channel was opened correctly

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