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13:24 Tvheadend Tutorial and setups: RE: IPTV - buffering, stalls, general drop outs. Settings that resolved things for me.
Hello all,
I did the same thing as you with the pipe and ffmpeg but I have to admit the quality of the stream is w...
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19:21 Tvheadend Bug #4990: H264 @ #256 Continuity counter error
For security I prefer not.
But I managed to see something. With VLC the stream do no stop but sometimes it has rea...
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15:51 Tvheadend Bug #4990 (Rejected): H264 @ #256 Continuity counter error
Hello there,
I have tried anything but I still get these continuity counter error after few minutes watching iptv ...
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14:05 Tvheadend General: Continuity counter error on some IPTV channel.
Hello all,
I have a TVheadend server running on a Raspberry Pi 3.
On some channels from IPTV provider, after few ...
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