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16:36 Tvheadend Revision e0fad819 (tvheadend): fanart: Fix decode error.
The text returned from the server is utf-8 so needs an explicit
decode otherwise it defaults to ASCII and fails for p...


16:48 Tvheadend Feature #5630 (New): Allow user to limit xmltv details
Discussed in the forums:
Some devices such as TVs support xmltv but ...
16:25 Tvheadend XMLTV: RE: XMLTV limited output/conversion
The xmltv supports xmltv/channelname/RTL
Or xmltv/channelid/abcdef
It might be possible to add the...
14:05 Tvheadend XMLTV: RE: XMLTV limited output/conversion
If you're happy with the changes then I can raise a bug and submit a pull request.
The reason I kept LCN is becaus...


15:06 Tvheadend General: RE: Understanding the potential of Regex
If you use 4.3 (dev) then it has a drop-down on the autorec for minimum/maximum season to record (#5176). Avoiding to...


10:01 Tvheadend Bug #5620: satip server on port 554 unnecessarily limited to root only
Have you tried port forwarding?


08:46 Tvheadend XMLTV: RE: XMLTV limited output/conversion
No, I haven't seen that format. They look like something an egg snoop/dump would produce.


16:51 Tvheadend Bug #5401: Unable to compile on Gentoo - getting error: "_FORTIFY_SOURCE" redefined
I believe it's an issue with Gentoo itself.
For example one page I read states that Gentoo has patched their compi...


18:30 Tvheadend XMLTV: RE: XMLTV limited output/conversion
You can try the attached patch.
This adds an option to the advanced section of the "user" dialog. You can then cho...
09:59 Tvheadend Feature #5617 (New): Allow merge of service across network bouquet
When the "create bouquet" option is selected on the network tab, a bouquet is created such as "DVB-T" or "DVB-S". Whe...

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