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11:13 Tvheadend General: RE: Problems with regexp
Initially, I liked your idea. But, I remembered there was a feature request (that I can't currently find) to also ha... Em Smith


13:53 Tvheadend General: RE: Problems with regexp
I think 4.2 only uses POSIX regex. You might be able to "man regex" (or web search that phrase) to see the documenta... Em Smith


16:00 Tvheadend Wiki edit: Clients (#10)
Add BowerBird client. Em Smith
15:55 Tvheadend General: RE: Problems with regexp
You could try:... Em Smith


12:59 Tvheadend Bug #5720: Possible typo in xmltv.c episode-num output
You are correct.
Everything else uses a hyphen except for...
Em Smith


12:05 Tvheadend Bug #5755: API request on /api/channel/grid with filter dont get entry by uuid
Re: content-length 0, I think this explains it:
> When using the Digest a...
Em Smith
11:14 Tvheadend Bug #5757: New autorecordings should not record actual running streams partly
There is a "complex scheduling" tickbox in the recording profile on 4.3. That tries to find a better timeslot at the... Em Smith
02:28 Tvheadend Bug #5753: User Access Level in Settings ignored
The code was reviewed and tested by several people prior to merging. Everyone has different configurations and uses ... Em Smith


18:13 Tvheadend Bug #5753: User Access Level in Settings ignored
It is regrettable that you encountered problems. It would be useful if you can add some debug to identify the proble... Em Smith


00:46 Tvheadend General: RE: I need modify tvheadend precision and add button
Alternatively, if you need everything real-time, you could use a simple script to use the api to programmatically cre... Em Smith

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