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10:04 Tvheadend Bug #5957 (Fixed): Build Error
Flole Systems


17:44 Tvheadend Feature #5965 (Rejected): duplicate handling
Questions like this should go to the Forum.
You can use a Pre-Processor command to delete the old recording and us...
Flole Systems
13:10 Tvheadend Bug #5964 (Invalid): TBS6209 : unable to record a TV show and watching another one at the same time with multiple tuners configuration
Update to latest master. Flole Systems


23:00 Tvheadend Bug #5962: src/wrappers.c error
Looks like you don't have gperftools installed so it can't find the dependencies. If you don't want to use it you sho... Flole Systems
06:22 Tvheadend Bug #5963 (Invalid): VAAPI Errors on Logs When Starting Transcoding Through NVENC
Try removing the checkmark from "Enable Hardware acceleration".
Also you are not using an official build, issues w...
Flole Systems


00:39 Tvheadend Bug #5962 (Fixed): src/wrappers.c error
Fixed in c1552692e030ea245d4bf091537ba94b8864a07f Flole Systems


23:02 Tvheadend Bug #5587: User - DVR profile
Exactly, so if you don't want it to die you should care about it.
However, it sounds like a commercial software w...
Flole Systems
22:28 Tvheadend Bug #5587: User - DVR profile
Then you shouldn't complain that it's not working. Tvheadend is open source software, so if there's an issue you are ... Flole Systems
21:43 Tvheadend Bug #5587: User - DVR profile
If you want it fixed you should start working on it. Flole Systems


20:07 Tvheadend Bug #5921 (Accepted): Any chance that "focal" builds work on
Focal build just went through! Now all that's left is figuring out how to make it show up on Flole Systems

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