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19:26 Tvheadend Bug #6193: Hard coded limit on buffered mpegts data is too low.
J Blanc wrote:
> SAT-IP receivers do not certify they will provide a _constant_ mpegts bitrate, and may deliver it i...
Flole Systems
18:33 Tvheadend Bug #6193 (Invalid): Hard coded limit on buffered mpegts data is too low.
It is not too small. Receiving 32 complete DVB-C frequencies with a total bandwidth of almost 1.5Gbit/s works perfect... Flole Systems


21:21 Tvheadend Bug #6192 (Invalid): EPG Grab on Automatic IPTV Network never stops
This is the bug tracker, questions like this should be asked on the Forum. Bug reports should contain debug logs. Flole Systems


19:26 Tvheadend Feature #6190: Status page
I don't use HDHomeRun and in that case it's up to the server to dismiss the data as the client doesn't know when the ... Flole Systems
12:57 Tvheadend Feature #6190 (Rejected): Status page
There is an option to discard data after tuning in the tuner settings, that is the correct way of addressing the desc... Flole Systems


14:39 Tvheadend Feature #6188 (Rejected): Tvheadend internal SAT>IP Server [add feature Fast input switch]
Fast input switch is an option to keep the socket open when switching channels. That option doesn't make sense for a ... Flole Systems


18:42 Tvheadend Bug #6185 (Invalid): Missing files in
Flole Systems


13:03 Tvheadend Bug #6183 (Invalid): Tvheadend SAT>IP server doesn't start at boot
No debug logs and the version information is either incomplete or super old. Flole Systems


00:33 Tvheadend Bug #6181 (Invalid): PVR Recording stops recording to early
No version information, no logs, use the forum for questions like this. Flole Systems


12:25 Tvheadend Bug #6180 (Invalid): Repo missing files
Duplicate Flole Systems

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