Carlo Landmeter




17:03 Tvheadend Feature #3654 (New): Time based access control
I would love to see the following time based account features:
1. Access based on time frame.
2. Have an "Last ac...
Carlo Landmeter


08:32 Tvheadend Bug #3615 (New): disable-libffmpeg_static and options
I have currently tvheadend configured like this:... Carlo Landmeter


10:20 Tvheadend Bug #3612 (Fixed): DVB scan files path changes need restart
Not sure this is a feature or a bug. Carlo Landmeter


15:30 Tvheadend Bug #3120: htsp: unable to create profile chain 'pass'
ok, when i select pass profile, my kodi client will work now.
Is that the way it should work now? you mention before...
Carlo Landmeter


20:32 Tvheadend Bug #3120: htsp: unable to create profile chain 'pass'
Yes if i select pass in 4.0.x, then I get the msg: htsp: unable to create profile chain 'pass'
For me its unclear ...
Carlo Landmeter
16:11 Tvheadend Bug #3120 (Fixed): htsp: unable to create profile chain 'pass'
According to the webif, pass is the default streaming profile.
When no profile is selected (this is the default for ...
Carlo Landmeter


17:06 Tvheadend Bug #2212: TVH crashes periodically every 10 minutes
Looks like sat>ip is detecting something which it shouldn't.
You could try building from src and disable satip support.
Carlo Landmeter


13:31 Tvheadend Tutorial and setups: RE: Enigma2 channel converter
Ive tried both scripts, but the first one (bash version) does not write channel numbers. Isn't it possible to write c... Carlo Landmeter


06:52 Tvheadend Descrambling: RE: [solved] (sat>ip) and internal CI
With Mgclient enabled you only have to add one line for newcamd. This line will be ignored but does need proper synta... Carlo Landmeter


13:33 Tvheadend Bug #1983 (Fixed): compile error on x86_64 musl libc or similar
... Carlo Landmeter

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