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10:28 Tvheadend Bug #5790: PVR Recording fails, file missing
Unfortunately I never managed to solve the problem, and the suggested fix at the...
Dave Pickles


10:55 Tvheadend Bug #5790: PVR Recording fails, file missing
I've been battling similar problems with EIT-based recordings on UK Freesat for a while. Unfortunately the issue is i... Dave Pickles


15:54 Tvheadend Bug #5743: DVR API return code
Many other api functions also return negative status codes, though I haven't checked if their calling function is exp... Dave Pickles


14:54 Tvheadend Bug #5732: muxes tab + hide: "parent disabled" seems broken
From looking at the source code (api_mpegts_mux_grid() in src/api/api_mpegts.c) the line of code which would hide mux... Dave Pickles
09:30 Tvheadend General: RE: PVR ERROR! dvr: multiple connections are not allowed for user (limit 2, dvr limit 0, active DVR 1, streaming 1)
There is a bug report and PR which might relate to your problem. The PR hasn't been committed yet.
Dave Pickles


10:11 Tvheadend General: RE: comparing versions
Use one of the methods described in Dave Pickles


16:53 Tvheadend Feature #3096: Upgrade WebUI framework (ExtJS 6 ?, Angular ?)
Checking the network traffic from the browser when accessing the UI, each request to the server includes an Authoriza... Dave Pickles
15:38 Tvheadend Feature #3096: Upgrade WebUI framework (ExtJS 6 ?, Angular ?)
> 1) Is there any way to get used space / free space other than listening on comet events?
I submitted a PR to get...
Dave Pickles


12:38 Tvheadend Bug #5677: Sat>Ip Server on 2nd NIC / 2nd Subnet not found by Tvheadend
Sat>ip uses UPnP for service discovery, which in turn uses IP multicast. Maybe there is an issue with the handling of... Dave Pickles
06:26 Tvheadend General: RE: Create user from command line
Untested, you need to supply a JSON object de...
Dave Pickles

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