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Hein Rigolo, 2010-01-03 09:53
Added info about the NIT-O patch

= TVHeadend with Ziggo DVB-C How to =

TV Headend supports all DVB types (DVB-T, DVB-S and DVB-C) so TVHeadend can also be used on the Ziggo DVB-C network.

Initial setup
Because Ziggo is using the NIT-Others tables to provide the actual frequencies of the transponders you can not use the autodetect muxes option of TVheadend.

There are 2 options to add the transponders:

=== manually add the various muxes ===
First disable the autodetection of muxes because we add them manually.
In order to manually add a Mux you need to provide the following details:

  • Frequency (kHz): * Symbolrate (baud): 6875000 * Constellation: QAM-64 * FEC: NONE

The correct frequencies for your specific Ziggo network can be found on the Digitale Kabeltelevisie website:

So you need to add those 27 frequencies one after the other. The details from the previous mux stay on the screen so you only need to change the frequency.

Once you are done entering all the details you will notice that TVHeadend will have found all the available services on the Ziggo network already.

=== Apply a patch to the tvheadend source code ===
You can also apply the patch that is attached to ticket #123 ( to your tvheadend source code and then recompile tvheadend.
Make sure to change the required network ID in that patch to your network ID.

Further steps

In order to actually record the Ziggo services you need to press the "Map DVB Services to channels" button.

TVHeadend will then try to see what services are actual channels and will map the service to a channel. Because most Ziggo services are encrypted it will only map the FTA channels.

In order to watch the encrypted channels you need to have a NewCS cardserver available within your own local network. You can then add that server as a Code Word Client on the configuration page.

If you now press the "Map DVB Services to channels" button you will see that it will also map the encrypted services to channels.

Known Issues * TVHeadend does not support the NIT-Other tables so automatic Mux detection does not work * Not all encrypted services are correctly mapped to a channel (some are successfull, others fail)

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