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h1. Tvheadend

* [[Download]]
* [[Documentation]]
* [[faq|Frequently Asked Questions]]
* Before reporting a bug, please read [[bugreporting|this article]]
* For instructions how to build Tvheadend, please see "Tvheadend's README file":
* Read the [[tvheadend_internals|Internal technival overview]] to get a better understanding of how Tvheadend works internally.

h2. HOWTOs

* [[tvheadend_debian|HOWTO]] build Tvheadend on a Debian/Ubuntu system
* [[tvheadend_gentoo|HOWTO]] build Tvheadend on a Gentoo system
* [[tvheadend_NTSC|NTSC HOWTO]] A beginner's guide to making Tvheadend work with analogue NTSC (i.e. Canada)

h2. Possible improvements

The current improvement projects are currently being discussed and worked out. These projects describe future functionality that we would like to see incorporated into Tvheadend.

* [[tvheadend_recording_management|Tvheadend recording management inprovement]]
* [[tvheadend_post_recording_scripts|Tvheadend post recording scripts]]
* [[tvheadend_dvb_config_revamp|Revamp of Tvheadend's DVB configuration tab]]


h2. Get in contact

* Use the forum (found under the 'Forums' tab above)
* IRC: #hts on


h2. Various other resources

* "IRC logs loggs of hts channel":
* [[htsp|HTSP documentation]]
* [[Ziggo|Tvheadend with Ziggo DVB-C How to]]
* [[TeliaIPTV|Tvheadend with Telia IPTV]]
* [[Plex|Plex as a Tvheadend frontend]]
* [[Wakeup|HowTo wakeup XBMC/TVHeadend for scheduled recording]]